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  HAB Impacts
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Local community and state support of ORHAB is essential to the future existence of the partnership. In order to establish this needed support, outreach efforts must begin to educate coastal citizens, businesses, industries, and local governments.

ORHAB Newsletter

An ORHAB newsletter has been developed by the NWFSC, summarizing ORHAB and its present activities. The newsletter is targeted towards local coastal communities directly impacted by HABs and will be distributed during various public meetings. A companion to this newsletter was created to target political figures (senators and house representatives), focusing on the economic and social impacts that HABs bring to coastal and tribal communities that already suffer from a repressed economy. Emphasis is also placed on how ORHAB activities will help to lessen these impacts with the scientific information produced through monitoring and resource management.

See links below to download the following pdf files (Need Adobe Acrobat) :

ORHAB Newsletter

ORHAB Brochure

ORHAB Public Meetings

Another form of ORHAB outreach is through public meetings. In June, 2002, representatives spoke to the Makah tribe and the Grays Harbor County Commissioners. The Quinault Indian Nation representative will also be speaking to the Washington Coast Chamber of Commerce at the end of July 2002. Other ORHAB partners will engage in future meetings to increase the scope of information given, as partners can tailor their presentations to focus on their own areas of expertise. More individuals can be reached by delivering meeting to a variety of stakeholders along the entire coast, and those partners closer to the coast will be able to accomplish this more so than those farther away.

HAB Public Awareness

The NWFSC in cooperation with the Washington State Sea Grant program, publishes Red Tides Newsletter, which focuses on HABs and marine biotoxins on the west coast of the United States. While it is not part of ORHAB, the information contained in the articles can only help to increase public awareness about HABs and HAB research. The next Red Tides issue highlights the effects of HABs on Native Americans and their dependence on shellfish resources. An article on ORHAB has been included in Battelle's Environmental Updates for Spring 2002. A Red Tide article featured in the Spring 2002 edition of Northwest Science and Technology magazine also discusses the work of ORHAB

See links below to download the following pdf files (Need Adobe Acrobat) :

Red Tides Newsletter 1999

Red Tides Newsletter 2000

Red Tides Newsletter 2002

For further information on outreach acivities such as school, community or public meetings please contact Miranda Wecker.


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